Our Guarantee


This guarantee covers materials and craftsmanship only. All of our swords are guaranteed against normal wear and tear. Changing the metal structure of the blade in any way, sharpening the blade, or excessive use of force, will void the guarantee. Using the blade with an incompatible blade will likewise render the guarantee void. Please look at our compatability list to determine blades that are safe to use together.

If your sword should break during normal use, please return it to the Forge with a copy of your sales receipt for repair or replacement at our option. Please make sure that your return address and contact phone number are included with your receipt inside the package!

Repairs or replacements cannot be handled at any location other than the Forge. Please, do not bring broken blades to Faires for repair.

Please note that the cost of shipping the blades to the Forge for repair is the responsibility of the customer. Due to the skyrocketing costs of shipping services, we strongly recommend using insured US mail to send blades to us for repair. Please, be sure that the blade is safely and securely packaged!

Bluing, etching, or engraving does not void the guarantee, however, we cannot be responsible for replacing or preserving any artwork should your blade need repair or replacement. Likewise, any custom hilt wraps or treatments cannot be replaced. The original suede, copper wire, and cotton underwrap are considered to be consumable items, and are not, therefore covered by our guarantee.

Our leather products are guaranteed against defects in materials and craftsmanship only. This is a confirmation of our long standing policy, and not a revision to it.

Please send all repairs to:


74 Railroad Ave.
Spencer, NY 14883-9543