Our Return Policy


If, after ordering a given product, you discover that you ordered the wrong product, or it's the wrong one for your needs, return it to us within three (3) working days, and we'll gladly figure out the difference in cost for the replacement product, charge or credit you, and ship you the replacement product, without additional shipping charges being incurred. (Please note that abuse of this policy can lead to the policy being revoked!)

To return merchandise for refund, the merchandise must be shipped back to the Forge within thirty (30) days of the date you receive it. You must include a copy of the original sales receipt, and if you paid with a credit card, you must include your credit card information, as we do not keep it on file. Merchandise must be in original condition. A check or credit for the original purchase price of the merchandise, less a 15% restocking charge, will be issued within seven (7) working days of our receiving the merchandise.