General Information
and Care of Blades



Please keep in mind that, because each blade is hand-crafted, length and width may vary. All of our blades are made using high-carbon steel. Since it is the natural propensity of unprotected steel to rust, you must properly care for your blades. Blades should be protected from moisture at all times. If you are using your blade regularly, oiling the blade with lighweight oil (gun oil works well) and a soft cloth before use, and when storing it will usually work nicely. If the blade is being used for decorative or display purposes using a carnauba-based wax will reduce the need to treat it to once every six months or so. Do not store your blade in the sheath for extended periods of time; the acids used in tanning the leather will cause damage to the blade over time. If surface rusting occurs, it can be removed using 600 grit or finer wet/dry sandpaper and lightweight oil. If you run into problems, many of the personnel at the shows can tell you how to do it.